Shared Journal for Couples

Because social media is too public and scrapbooking is too hard.
Start journaling memories today. ❤️

A Shared Space, Just for You

Enjoy a private space with your partner. Write about anything and everything. This is your space, you make the rules.

Write and Remember, Side by Side

Write about the moments that matter most to you. Add as many images as you want to remember your special moment.

Look Back at Your Best Moments Together

This is a highlight reel of the moments that mean the most to you. Scroll back for a trip down memory lane.

Couples Love Journaling on Twig

Omg… I’m so glad I found twig. It’s really helped me and my boyfriend stay close despite being long distance.

Someone's Bae
Joined Sept 2019

I'm not sure how we found twig, but it's been so helpful for our relationship.

Katie Wilmer
Joined Jan 2020

My wife and I were looking for something to keep track of the road trips we take. We stumbled across this app by accident and we love it!

John Bridges
Joined April 2019

Great idea for couples and especially for long distance couples!

Evette Marie
Joined August 2019

My fiancé showed me this and I was hesitant to try it, but it really is cool. Didnt realize we made so many memories together

Charlie Beck
Joined Dec 2019

I don't know who thinks of this sort of thing. just happy I got my bf to join with me 😂

Eve Mohon
Joined Jan 2020
Time to Start Journaling

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